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Released on 7th September 2009

Another Side Of The Sky | You'll All Get What's Coming To You | She Told Me How To Love Her | I Live | Cries | My Dear | My Child | Under Your Spell | Days Even Years | Feet In The Sea Head In The Stars

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Of Tide and Trail is filled with positivity for the human beings we are. It is for the tough times we live in, for our hearts and our heads, and for the possibilities of hope. Dan Arborise understands us. Dan Arborise has reached out to us, and given us Of Tide and Trail.

Dan Arborise returns with this tour de force of acoustic guitar, beautiful soundscapes and warmly affecting vocals. Compared with John Martyn and Nick Drake, Dan creates his own distinctive modern folk music. A fresher and more upfront record than his 2006 debut, Around In Circles, Dan has captured the fire and beauty of his live performance on Of Tide and Trail perfectly, sounding in turns both delicate and visceral.

“A hugely atmospheric record that’s gently beguiling, with picked acoustic guitar layered to create ambient swathes of sound that engage the head and melt the heart.”
Clash Magazine 7/10

"This second album from Dan Arborise manifests his desire to pick up the mantle of 'folk singer for the 21st century', wear it with warm gentle confidence and take it much further.
Of Tide & Trail is filled with positivity for the human beings we are, it is for the tough times we live in, for our heads and the possibilities of hope. An album that burns with soft power and wave after wave of intense, psychedelic rhythm."
Linn Records

"Beguiling acoustic guitar hymns to truth and beauty."
Uncut Magazine

"Quite simply, this album is revelatory and won’t be straying far from my stereo for quite some time; a definite candidate for my album of the year so far."
The Music Fix

"Immaculate guitar ... perceptive songs ... luminous production."
Word Magazine

“Dan Arborise will drop your jaw with his intricate guitar lines. Then, his voice will bewitch you. Quite how Arborise constructs such a thing, let alone play it, is beyond mortal men... a little genius and a lot of soul."
The 405

"A singer songwriter you can truly believe in, with the spirit of Nick Drake & John Martyn giving the song an otherness quality that genuinely summons goosebumps."
Subba Culture

"It’s all mesmerising stuff, as he adds his vocals to a swirling combination of finesse and sparkling passion."
Music Dash